ISKCON Food Relief Foundation

ISKCON Food Relief Foundation has implemented the Midday Meal Project for the benefit of 15,000 students form 41 schools in Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore Dist. The midday meal will be served from Monday to Saturday, with the menu changed daily.
Midday meal program is serving lunch to 15,000 School Students around the Nellore District.
The Government has allotted an abandoned Leprosy Hospital building in Bhaktavatsala Nagar, Nellore. It has to be renovated and remodelled for establishing a Centralized Kitchen facility. A Centralized Kitchen consists of diesel operated boilers and huge steam cooking cauldrons, and for mechanical cooking, many other gadgets and utensils. For delivering the prepared food exactly at one time in literally hundreds of schools before lunch time, there is need for at least 6 carry vehicles which are custom made. To run the entire operation, cooks, watchmen, drivers and other office staff must be prompt and efficient. We want to deliver prompt and nutritious meals to needy children. When children are taken good care of then the future of the nation will be bright and hopeful.
We need your help with this project, kindly donate. This service is a highly noble activity and will bring joy and the blessings of the Lord upon you and your family.