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rathe ca vamanam drstva
punar janma na vidyate
‘One who sees Lord Jagannatha on the Chariot will never take birth again in this material world’

Gudur town to witness first ever Jagannatha Ratha Yatra

ISKCON Preaching Centre, Gudur (around 1 hour journey from Nellore) cordially invites and welcomes you, your family, relatives, friends, and colleagues for SRI JAGANNATHA RATHA YATRA Festival being celebrated on the Saturday, 13th July 2013.
Kindly please encourage us and bless us with your gracious presence on this auspicious occasion. We'd be more than pleased to host your acquaintances and family as well.
Logistics & Accommodation:
Please confirm

    You can stay in Nellore ISKCON guesthouse or in Gudur. Please let us know your preference
     Other places of interest in the neighbourhood of Gudur:
    1. Mannarpolur, ancient temple Krishna and Jambavati
    2. Bird sanctuary at Nelamettu for migratory bird from Siberia and other places
    3. Bakasura Gufa, where Bhima killed Bakasura
    4. Ranganatha Swami Temple on the banks of river Pinakini in Nellore. Penneti Ranga as different from Kaveti Ranga in Sri Rangam.
    5. Vedagiri Narasimha swami, self manifest deity of Lord Narasimha deva who appeared on the behest of Agastya muni.
    6. Paschal Kona, Lord Narasimha manifested Himself here as a huge of rock in “Yoga mudra”. This temple is reputed as the ninth kshetra of Lord Vishnu.
    We hope to see you all at Ratha-Yatra.

    Come! Pull the Ratha!
    Become blessed Servant of the Lord!
    Hare Krishna! Jai Jagannatha!

    Gudur Contact:
    Sarvesh Chandra. ISKCON Preaching Centre, Gudur. Mobile: 9248748441 / 9440961510 / 9989336301. Main Center Phone: 0861-2314577 / 99850 58550 (ISKCON, Nellore) Website: E-mail: